Leverage The Full Power of Your Content
Spraakit's Video Response Engine gives you the power to actively reach your audience and engage them anytime and anywhere. Customers and audiences gain instant access to your message, products and services.

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Greater Reach

Spraakit© is Changing the rules of Digital Video Engagement. You are the content creator- Spraakit is the connector/distributor. What’s your video’s monetary worth? Your production value? Your videos will reach and engage your audience immediately and everywhere.

Value Creation

Spraakit’s Global DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM helps entrepreneurs, individuals, business build great brand value. Giving more people more ways to reach you will not only create more traffic, but will increase ROI conversion. Audiences are given the on-the-spot opportunity to buy, donate, chat or engage.

Live Analytics

With Spraakit’s Live Analytics Dashboard you are no longer passively waiting for a response from your audience. Spraakit’s Dashboard gives you immediate insights into your video analytics and engagement. Accelerate decision making based on real-time responses. Modify your video or promotional material or ads on-the-fly with real-time data.